Our Firm

Legal interests should be protected by an advisor who takes the time to custom tailor strategies based on clients’ needs. That is why, at Grantham Law Group, clients’ concerns are never trivialized and achieving their goals is at the forefront of the firm’s focus. Our firm is ready and able to meet your legal needs. You can feel confident that Grantham Law Group, PLLC will work to provide you with outstanding legal representation. We understand the hardships you may be experiencing, whether it be divorce, child custody, and/or something criminal in nature, and we are anxious to resolve them. Learn More

Family Law

Family law is a broad term that encompasses all issues involved in the contexts of marriage and family. Some of those issues are considered their own areas of practice—such as as divorce, child custody and support, premarital and postmarital agreements, and estate planning. Learn More

Driving Under The Influence (DUI) Defense

There are few sights more intimidating than seeing a set of red and blue flashing lights in your rear view mirror moments after leaving a celebration where alcohol was served, and you partook in the festivities. If arrested after the encounter with law enforcement, anxiety and fear about the future, and what it has in store for you are the norm. Learn More

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